We’ve all noticed Facebook’s new feature called ‘Messenger Rooms’ – users will now be able to broadcast these rooms via Facebook Live.

In keeping with the rise in demand for connection & communication via video tools, Facebook has announced a new option that is being introduced whereby Messenger Room users will be able to share and broadcast their Room via Facebook Live, in order to grow the audience and participants in the discussion. According to Facebook, by creating a Room, you can welcome up to 50 people to join in the debate, all in different places. The room creator will be able to share the Room on pages, profiles and groups, as well as individually invite people to join in.

Once this Room is shared via Facebook Live, the viewership will expand. However, those joining through Facebook live won’t be able to join the Room but will instead be able to watch and comment (just like any other Facebook Live video). This may be the future when it comes to hosting interviews, events, panel discussions etc. This option will open up doors for marketers, artists and promoters, and by using Facebook reach your content can be seen by a lot more people than just a normal live-stream.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it has been evident that people are turning to tools such as Facebook Live to stay socially connected to people.

Facebook. Always making sure they’re staying on top.

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