How to plan & build your ‘Virtual Event’

How to Plan & Build Your ‘Virtual Event’

It’s no secret that during the Covid-19 global pandemic, the world has seen an influx of virtual events being showcased. Whether it is a large scale corporate event, a music concert or an individual’s DJ session, it’s integral to look at the technology and logistics for the event to be a success.

Whether you’re using the ‘now standard’ Zoom calls, or more sophisticated platforms to share live events with audiences, it cannot be stressed enough as to how important it is to ensure that your brand is still personalised.

But for those focussed on using Zoom as their Virtual Event platform, here are some tips to consider:

  1. Plan your 2020-2021 programme now, and schedule these meetings in. This helps to avoid your audience having schedule conflicts, all while trying to balance working and personal life.
  2. If you plan on sharing presentations, music, videos and graphics, it is probably best to have an events team who is responsible for sharing these, and not the speaker. The job of the speaker is to make sure that they pay attention to the comments section as this is a means to interact with your audience.

Let’s focus on the entertainment side for a bit. Events such as concerts and sporting need a more advanced platform than Zoom. Entrepreneur magazine named 360VUZ as the virtual video app of the year in 2019. The 360VUZ app allows for virtual event attendees to experience multiple 360-degree views of the event from different angles and cameras. They even allow for headsets, which are now compatible with the app. 360VUZ is available from your mobile app store. It is worth a try with over 20 million views per month!

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