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Facebook & Instagram Launch “Shops” Helping Small Businesses Sell Online

Facebook has always been on top with keeping you connected to what you love. During a live Facebook session, Mark Zuckerberg announced its newest move to the e-commerce sector, Facebook Shops. This new feature will allow small businesses to build online stores on both its Facebook and Instagram platforms. As the world continues to struggle with the Covid-19 pandemic, and many small businesses are forced to shut down.

This brand new social commerce provides the ideal opportunity for businesses to move to their stores online allowing them to continue operating. Although the online shops will not make up for the loss of business, on a positive note, it will help many businesses stay afloat and create an online presence for many others. This in return could potentially turn into their primary method of conducting future business.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook advertisers are the biggest part of their revenue. Facebook and Instagram shops will allow businesses to create a dedicated shop section on their page or profile where a catalogue of products and services can be built. Page and profile visitors will then be able to browse, save, share, and even purchase products or make use of services. This new social e-commerce will bring value to both big and small businesses as this feature is free, easy to create, and more importantly, they are integrated across Facebook apps.

The look and feel of Facebook shops will be able to be customised with a cover image, and branding colours. Online store visitors will be able to use AR to virtually try on items, providing a seamless reality shopping experience as if you were in a physical store. Visitors will also be able to message a business through WhatsApp, Messenger, or Instagram Direct for any queries. Facebook shops will become more widely available in the coming months. The second announcement made was Instagram shops, which will allow users to browse products from Instagram explore, which will eventually be accessible in just one tap. What are your thoughts on Facebook’s new e-commerce features? Get in touch with us on our social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) and let us know your thoughts.

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