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5 Reasons why every business needs professional photos for their online presence

When potential customers are searching for your business on social media or on any online platform to solve their problems, the first image has the potential to make or break a sale. If you are a start-up company, or an established business looking at sprucing up your brand, the overall cost of professional photography is not an unnecessary expense that you don’t need. You might consider taking a few snaps with your phone. In this day and age, your business will benefit from using professional photography on a website and social media channels. Good quality images will always be an asset to your brand’s success.

Here are 5 reasons why photography is essential for your business:

A picture is worth a thousand words

You’ve probably heard this one before, but a photo enables you to show your customers exactly what you have to offer. Consumers enjoy seeing an image of the actual product or service on offer, and this makes the purchasing decision easier.

Your online presence represents your brand 

Too often, photography cost may tempt owners to find an alternative than hiring a photographer. Remember, poor quality, and unprofessional imagery will create the same impression of your brand to your potential customers.

Customers love getting to know you too 

Stock images can come across as inauthentic, but the best way for potential clients to get to know your company is by showing them actual photos of your business, products, team members, and even sneak peeks of behind the scenes.

Images help your presence on the web/ increase your page ranking 

We’re sure you have heard of search engine optimization at this point (want to learn more on SEO ranking for your business, get in touch with us). One of the key elements to good SEO ranking is images and the correct alt tags on each image. Good photos will help keep your customers engaged on your site for more extended periods and will improve your websites overall search results.

Use good quality images to build your brand on social platforms

Professional images standout on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. It ads value and credibility to your content.

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