Traditional VS Digital Marketing

Big or small, the best way to popularize your business is Digital Marketing. Digital marketing is a rare combination of negligible risk and the greatest rewards.

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Newspapers, flyers, posters, television ads, etc. indulge a huge amount of expenses. While advertising through the internet is a means which is easily affordable even for the Novice Businessmen.

????-??????: The process of printing flyers or posters is a time-consuming affair. Whereas, in Online Marketing, not only is the publicity happening faster but also the results of the advertisement can be seen sooner.

???????? ????????: A television ad or a newspaper ad could never cover the entire population. Any form of traditional marketing limits itself within a few localities. While online advertisements are global and have no boundaries at all.

?????? ????????: Every post can be designed written to only show to a specific audience you would like to communicate with. Whereas, for traditional marketing, such as posters or newspapers, it becomes difficult to address a section of the audience

????? ??? ?????????? ?? ????????: To practice digital marketing, you don’t have to worry about the size of your business or the scale of employees working for you. Expansion does not always require many hands to work at advertising. The internet will just do your work.

?????????? ?????????: The best part of digital marketing is the effect and output of the marketing strategies can be accurately estimated when applied. This makes it easier for the business to judge its shortfalls and also evaluate the output.

??????????: In the process of what is printed is printed. With changing times and demands, the previously published content can never be rectified and changed. But for digital marketing, there is always an option to change what has previously been published.

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