The story begins with 'innovation', the heart and soul of iNCO Creative.

We recognise the power of fresh ideas, of pushing boundaries, of challenging the status quo. It’s about viewing the world from a unique perspective, to create solutions that spark interest and ignite change. Our commitment to innovation is what empowers us to breathe life into brands, creating digital experiences that are not just original, but utterly unforgettable.

The second part of our identity, ‘communication’, is the golden thread that weaves through everything we do. Effective communication is what turns an idea into a narrative, a product into a passion, a business into a brand. We believe in the power of dialogue, of connecting, of making voices heard in the crowded digital marketplace.

In the merging of these two dynamic forces – innovation and communication – iNCO Creative was conceived. Like two sides of a coin, they combine to create a balance that is both beautiful and powerful. Together, they allow us to create, to inspire, to engage, and to leave a lasting impact.

Our purpose isn't merely to create or optimise - it's to inspire, engage, and make a meaningful impact.

At iNCO Creative, we exist to ensure your brand doesn’t just get noticed, it gets remembered. Together, we’ll rewrite your digital destiny, one pixel, one word, one story at a time.

Empowering businesses to make their mark in the digital landscape, our purpose at iNCO Creative is to breathe life into brands. We see ourselves as artisans of digital experiences, storytellers of unique brand narratives, and navigators steering businesses towards the pinnacle of their industry.

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The businesses were chosen based on nominations from residents in a recent radio poll and were announced by Santam at a business breakfast that honoured local entrepreneurs. The breakfast focused on building longevity of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) by shining a spotlight on opportunities that create an enabling environment to assist SMEs to thrive. The selection process for Durban’s most loved local businesses was conducted with East Coast Radio.