Facebook Messenger Update

Facebook is trying out a new way of organising messages from business pages in Messenger

Numerous Facebook users have said they have seen this feature on their pages as well. However, it has been stated in Messenger Platform Developer Community that this is currently a test with no plans to develop at this time. Their message read; “?? ???, ????? ???? ???? ???? ??????????? ????? ? ????????? ???? ???? ?? ????????? ???????, ??? ?? ???? ?? …

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Apple introduces the iPhone Xs

Another year, another set of brand-spankin’ new iPhones. But this year, little has been left to the imagination as leaks have continued to spring up over the course of the past few months. Today, however, the new iPhone becomes official. Apple has introduced a new model of the premium iPhone, the iPhone XS, which comes in three finishes, gold, silver …

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