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How Social Media Can Grow Your Optometry Practice

A little inside info, here is how social media can grow your optometry practice.

Trends show that the medical industry has very slowly and hesitantly approached social media as a marketing channel, but our results show that it’s a tool that is definitely worth investing in. Here are 3 advantages of using social media for your optometry practice:

It provides you with an opportunity to showcase who you are, what sets you apart, your staff and your expertise via content that is valuable to the viewer.
Through social media, you are able to engage with current & potential patients without having to see them face-to-face.
By having an online presence, it is that much easier for potential patients to discover your practice, and who you are in order for your business to grow.

So, here are 2 tips that we recommend when it comes to taking your practice onto social platforms:

Firstly, you need to carefully consider which platforms to use. You need to perform some research on which platforms your current and potential patients are currently spending most of their time. There is no point in building a presence on LinkedIn if most of your patients enjoy Instagram more. Secondly, committing to being active on social media will help you stay at the top. In order to establish and keep new connections, your content needs to be posted consistently. Any decrease in the amount of content posted is sure to cause patients to forget about you.

Besides creating and posting consistent content, don’t forget to stay focussed on your patients, i.e. what they are asking, sharing and posting. You always need to be part of the online conversation so be sure to engage with your patients. Use this as an opportunity to build relationships and not only to use social media platforms as a sales pitch.

At iNCO Creative we have done and continue to do the research on what optometry patients like to see… quick tips, patient FAQ’s, success stories, frames in fashion and they also love to be given a chance to personally ask you a question! If you don’t have time to constantly engage with viewers, strategize, create copy and graphics and to post at the best time to post (yes, all of this takes time to research), don’t stress, we can help.

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