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We have It All | Aewon Wolf & Kyle Deutsch

One of the first casualties of COVID everywhere was tourism and KwaZulu-Natal was no exception. Battlefields lodges, game reserves, hotels and traditional villages that were bustling with international tourists found themselves empty overnight as our first lockdown took hold.

As we grappled with our ‘new normal’ and what it would mean for us all, it became more and more apparent that international travel wouldn’t return for some time. For our client, Tourism KwaZulu-Natal (TKZN), this was something that shifted the playing fields considerably but that allowed us to forward a thought that we’d been developing.

The idea was based around the human truth that until you’ve been away from ‘home’ you never truly appreciate just how much it has to offer. Having worked on numerous TKZN launches, we knew that KZN really did ‘have it all’, and so this observation formed the basis for our campaign. Collaborating with KZN-based award winning musicians Kyle Deutsch and Aewon Wolf, we developed a pop track entitled ‘We Have It All’.

The thought behind the music video was to remind not only the people of KZN but also the wider country of just how much KZN has to offer.

The ‘We Have It All’ positioning statement was underscored by the follow on ‘Be Here. Believe It’, which were to be driven via TKZN’s social media platforms.

TKZN were on board with the concept and within a matter of days we were in pre-production. From experience we knew that some of the best shots happen organically on the road and adopting a largely ‘off-the-shoulder’ filming style. We embarked on an eight day, 2542km shoot that would take us along the highways, byways and back roads of KZN traveling from the South Coast, through the majestic Drakensberg Mountains, down to the Midlands and onto the enthralling Battlefields and Game Reserves. We continued on through the KZN North Coast before arriving back at our departure point of Durban.

The campaign objective was to encourage our target market to discover what lies right on their doorstep and to share in the people, places and experiences that make KwaZulu-Natal.

Our Services Provided For This Campaign

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  • Film Direction
  • Art Direction
  • Social Media
  • Photography
Graphic Design
  • Media Buying
  • Set Design

Kyle Deutsch & Aewon Wolf present ‘We have it all’ music video & concept – by iNCO Creative

 iNCO Creative spend 8 DAYS, traveling 2542KM to film the music video for “We Have It All”.

Anyone that has found themselves away from home comes to appreciate just how  much their home town really has to offer.  

It’s a feeling award-winning KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) based celebrities Kyle Deutsch and Aewon Wolf are all too familiar with. 

Being 2 of KZN’s diverse homegrown talents who are still based in Durban, it was  easy to see Kyle and Aewon’s love for KZN and their eagerness to share their home  with the rest of the world. It was no surprise then, when they were approached by TKZN’s appointed digital agency, iNCO Creative, with the grand idea of shooting a  video that really showcases KZN and all that it has to offer, it was bound to be an  extraordinary project that hit home for the both of them!  

What followed was an unreal, scenic and picturesque adventure, the likes of which  only KZN can offer. 

The adventure itself took place over eight consecutive days covering more than  2500km’s from KZN’s South Coast, through the majestic Drakensberg Mountains,  down to the Midlands; onto the enthralling Battlefields and reserves before passing  through the North Coast en route back to their beloved city of Durban. The footage  throughout the trip was shot largely ‘off-the-shoulder’ and in the spur of the moment, capturing both Kyle and Aewon’s experiences, the beauty of KZN and it’s  local culture and heritage; as well as the locals that make each of the locations  explored stand out for the places that they are.

We Have It All - Album Artwork

Along the journey, Kyle and Aewon met up with Stacy Norman and J’Sbu from East Coast Radio, who brought their own  energy to the video in a cameo appearance, showing their support for the province of KZN. 

Kyle and Aewon, in collaboration with producer Earl Evans, wrote and produced the  title track “We Have It All,” while iNCO Creative and some of KZN’s top Tourism industry players all aligned with the initiative as well as with Tourism KZN, behind  what has been a phenomenal project. 

Hot off the back of Aewon Wolf’s latest release “Say it Louder” ft. Rey Oceans and  Kyle Deutsch’s recently hit single “Home”, “We have it All” really does depict KZN  and all that it has to offer.  


Aewon Wolf & Kyle Deutsch - We Have It All - In The Press

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